Investment Advisory

We offer a personalized asset management service, which includes:

  • Defining an investment profile for each client and developing strategic and tactical asset allocations based on that profile.
  • Using our proven, structured approach to create a well diversified asset portfolio that delivers strong, sustained growth.
  • Allocating assets to third party managers in line with the investment strategy, with a speciality in selecting private equity opportunities where our corporate finance expertise is advantageous.
  • On-going risk management and monitoring of investments, with adjustments to asset allocation as necessary.

In some cases we offer conservative in-house asset management services. Our methodology focuses on selecting and weighting securities by fundamental measures. We believe that this methodology provides a lower risk of pricing errors that in many cases are a result of market psychology - which the market corrects over time. Focusing on company fundamentals, and ignoring market expectations, avoids overexposure to bubbles and consequent market corrections.

Cash Management

We offer a range of cash management services including project cash management and business cash management, allowing clients to balance the timing, location, currency and amount of costs against revenues.

Our project cash management services enable clients to control project-related payment flows and time payments made to the project, including how they are allocated. It also provides information on cash generated by a project and flowing out of it.

Our business cash management services include cash budget management and treasury cash management, allowing clients to control, time and monitor payment flows for the entire business.

Corporate Finance

We provide corporate finance advice for M&A transactions, real estate and private equity deals and corporate restructuring. Our strong relationships with financial sponsors also mean we can advise clients on private equity and venture capital financing.

We manage interactions with investment banks when clients make a sale or an IPO, ensuring the bank serves the client properly. We also manage the legal work of law firms associated with corporate finance activity.

Our experience includes:

  • Preparing a large international company for an IPO, ensuring pre-IPO filings were submitted in an orderly fashion and working with the client's investment bank.
  • Arranging financing for a major international manufacturing company that required an eight-figure sum in order to meet significant new orders.
  • Supporting the negotiations for the sale of a mid-size consultancy firm to a global company. Defining the overall structure and terms of the deal as well as dealing with various practical matters such as drafting and implementing a corporate structure to ensure that the funds received were protected and favourably taxed.


Trusts, foundations and SPVs are classical elements used for structuring wealth, especially when it is spread over several jurisdictions. More innovative solutions such as the use of private-label funds as umbrella structures for holding different asset classes and facilitating family governance are also gaining in popularity.

Our services include advising on the most suitable structure and the jurisdiction in which to establish a trust, a foundation or a company - taking into account the activity involved as well as the client's country of residence, domicile and citizenship. Furthermore, we take care of all the aspects surrounding the establishment and maintenance of structures by attending to the many statutory, administrative and accounting requirements of trusts and companies during their lifetime of operation.

Where necessary, we provide trustee services, protectors, shareholders, company secretaries and directors, thus ensuring sound administration, compliance with applicable laws and confidentiality.

Wealth Planning

The wealth planning needs of ultra high net worth clients are unique. We provide expert practical advice on matters such as family governance and succession planning, taking account of personal and commercial concerns in our role as trusted advisors.

Our senior principal as well as our clients are entrepreneurs and require specialized advice related to complex international businesses. Our team's understanding of business means that we can provide pragmatic and innovative advice in this area.

We produce a plan from scratch ensuring personal and familial issues requiring sensitive handling are accommodated. Our range of in house expertise ensures the most suitable solution is provided, having considered the overall situation and objectives.

Our wealth planning experience includes:

  • Full preparation of succeeding generations and other beneficiaries for taking on the challenge of inheriting and managing family wealth.
  • Providing guidance and management for clients' philanthropic work.
  • Establishing foundations that provide a clear family governance structure in case of fragmented family ownership.
  • Setting up management structures for private aircraft and yachts that ensure the owner can manage their possessions in a cost and tax efficient manner.

Ad Hoc

As well as traditional investment advisory and asset protection services Finance Suisse offers operational support and issues management to ultra high net worth individuals, families and their businesses.

Our multidisciplinary team is able to handle a broad range of challenges clients face. Our experience includes:

  • Troubleshooting urgent or on-going problems caused by unforeseeable circumstances, mismanagement or dishonesty, including commercial and practical matters and the management of legal proceedings.
  • Directorships in operating companies, project management and new business development.
  • Acting as confidants, counsel and advisors where an independent, trusted viewpoint is needed.
  • Management and financing of luxury assets such as yachts, private aircraft, art and residential or recreational real estate, including insurance, crewing and other services.
  • Cash-flow and asset backed financing for businesses and transactions.
  • Headhunting for business and personal staff.